Ponkan Mandarin, Chinese Honey Orange (Citrus poonensis)

Ponkan Mandarin, Chinese Honey Orange (Citrus poonensis)

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Seize the opportunity for a new shot at luck when you grow Ponkan Mandarin (Citrus poonensis), also called cool tangerine, Batangas mandarin, Nagpur suntara, Swatow orange,  and Chinese Honey orange. Ponkan Mandarin quite literally takes the gold for fruit symbolism in Chinese culture, representing wealth, good fortune, and gold. In particular, mandarin fruit and plants are exchanged as gifts for the Chinese New Year.  However, anyone in pursuit of a little good fortune can grow Ponkan Mandarin for an auspicious start to Citrus gardening.

The Ponkan mandarin plant loves tropical climate conditions, which are said to be the key to encouraging its largest fruit yet. Its upright growth is easy to distinguish amid any citrus orchard. The Ponkan mandarin fruit is round, with a medium-thick rind that’s easy to peel, and has few seeds. Time is of the essence once the fruits of Ponkan Mandarin trees first ripen to a full orange color. Harvest fruits for a titillating flavor, like a tart sweetness that verges on sour candy.

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