Our Commitment to Packaging and Shipping Sustainability

Shipping live plants is no joke—they’re fragile, they’re fussy, they’re literally living plants! As you can imagine, there’s a lot involved with figuring out how the heck we can ship plants both efficiently and sustainably all across the country.  Here's how we deliver live plants directly from our greenhouse to your garden using plantable, plastic-free packaging and sustainable shipping practices!

Our Plantable Pots:

Pots You Can Plant

Your plant arrives in a plant-based compostable pot when possible that can be planted right in the soil! Our plantable pots help support strong healthy root growth and happy productive plants.

  • Coconut Coir Pot
  • Peat Pots
  • Burlap Bag Pots

Our Mindful Shipping Materials:

Moisture-holding Compostable Shipping Bags

As an alternative to sealing plants with plastic to keep plants staying moist during shipping, each plant from Sow Exotic ships in a plant-based compostable bag to hold in moisture and soil during its journey through the mail.  Bag types vary by pot size. 

  • Eucalyptus Bags (for Small to Medium pot sizes)
  • BioBags (for Large and X-Large pot sizes)

Boxes & Tape

Reusable, biodegradable, compostable, made from renewable resources and - like all of our products - made right here in the USA.