Java Tea

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Rare Santol aka
Yellow Mangosteen

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Rare fruiting and medicinal plants from around the world, grown naturally and lovingly at our plant nursery, food forest, and certified wildlife habitat in the heart of Florida. Shipped direct from our greenhouse to your garden.

Monstera deliciosa Mango 'Mallika' (Mangifera indica) Sugar Apple 'Na Dai' (Annona squamosa L) Santol (Sandoricum koetjape) Barbados Cherry (Malpighia emarginata)

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What a healthy and beautiful plant! Great packaging as well! My plant is very happy and growing fast.

Terri | Madison, FL

Received the 'Little Ruby' Fig right on time! Packaging was great and very secure so no damage to the plant would occur during shipment. I love my little fig tree, and have already bought from them again. Thanks for the excellent experience!

Alexandrea | Ponoma, CA

"Shipped quickly and arrived very healthy with several large green leaves! I planted it in a large pot on my deck facing the morning sun. Can't wait to see it grow."

Lance | Houston, TX

Shipped fast and beautifully packed! A+

Sondra | Morgan Hill, CA

This arrived is perfect condition. I was expecting some cuttings to be taken from this plant as most big plants usually have that done, but this arrived big, lush, and healthy. Especially after re-potting the plant, then I could really tell how well this was taken care of. Thanks!

Moses | Asheville, NC

Arrived earlier than expected, and in perfect condition! Best deal on a Monstera I’ve found, and they answered a question I had about repotting very quickly!!

Madison | Bethel Park, PA