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Canistel 'Trompo' (Pouteria campechiana)Canistel 'Fairchild #2' (Pouteria campechiana)Ginger, Rare BlueTurmeric, Rare GreenAvocado 'Russel' (Long Neck!) (Persia americana)

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Sow Exotic is a rare edible plant nursery and biointensive food forest in the heart of Florida where we grow hundreds of varieties of tropical fruit trees, medicinal herbs, rare fruiting and culturally important plants from around the world.

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Sow Exotic Summer Beach Party T-Shirt *Summer 2021* (FRONT ONLY)Sow Exotic Summer Beach Party T-Shirt *Summer 2021* (FRONT/BACK)I'd Rather Be Gardening Embroidered Dad hatCopper Plant & Garden MarkersJapanese Steel Trowel

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