The Citrus Collection

NEW! An exclusive selection of our favorite Florida citrus trees - grafted and ready to produce! Ships to Florida Only in specialized citra pots.  Tree sizes range from 1-3 ft tall.

Don’t take it personally: We only sell citrus to Florida residents, because it’s the law. Florida’s Citrus plants are vulnerable to the spread of diseases that can't be cured. When it comes to citrus, it’s essential to source your plants locally, where they were cultivated to thrive.  If you are lucky enough to live in the Sunshine state, you will enjoy months of fresh fruit from any of these trees. Below, you’ll find out why some of these picks are our favorites. Planting, cultural care, pruning, and harvesting are similar for all citrus plants, with a few slight variations. Generally, they are best planted in full sun with well-drained soil that can hold moisture and nutrients. Citrus has a particularly high demand for nitrogen. If you’re fantasizing about long afternoons of picking fresh fruit from your personal citrus grove, keep this in mind: The key to growing citrus is setting it up for success from the start.