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Carefully unpack your new plant and reuse, recycle, or compost the packing materials! Water your new plant thoroughly and place it in a shady area for about a week to give it time to acclimate into its new environment.  Remember, your plant has been on quite a journey through the mail in a dark box from our greenhouse to your garden and some stress or yellowing may occur.  Please be patient as it adjusts into its new home.

Planting + Repotting

Plant your pot! Your plant arrived in a plant-based biodegradable pot that can go right in the ground! Our plantable pots help support strong healthy root growth. When replanting in the ground or a larger container make sure to replant so that the soil level of the original pot lines up with the soil line of the new location. Don’t bury the trunk!

More Care Info

Check out your new plant’s page on to share a review and learn more about your new plant's individual care needs. 

Happy Growing!