Sow Exotic New Plant Care Guide

Welcome to your new plant journey! Whether you're new to gardening or a seasoned food forester, we're here to help you grow your best, every step of the way.

Check out our tips below for successful growing right from the start or download the printable version. We're rooting for you!

Printable Care Guide

Let there be Light: Unboxing

When your plants arrive, carefully unpack the box immediately.


After unboxing, check each pot to see if it requires watering.  If the soil is visually dry, water the plant until the soil is thoroughly moist.


Give plants time to slowly transition to their new environment.

Planting & Repotting

Once your plants have acclimated to their location, they will require planting.

More Care Information

Every plant page on has a section for each plants individual care needs, native growing environments, harvest seasons and more. Check them out to learn more and share your plant reviews to help others grow.