Persian Lime (Citrus × latifolia)

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We know why you’re here, and we approve: Yes, these limes make the best Mojitos. Persian Lime, aka seedless lime, Bearss lime and Tahiti lime, is a citrus hybrid cross between the smaller Key Lime and Lemon. Lime trees thrive in climates that feel like perpetual summers, and bear the most fruit between July and September. The green-yellow fruit can be picked once it reaches your desired size— True party animals never sleep, so flexible timing on harvesting fruit is essential. Naturally, lime trees do best while soaking up the Florida sun. Like most citrus trees, the first year of care for the Persian Lime is crucial for its long-term health and productivity. Consider sculpting your Persian Lime tree into the extroverted party animal you need it to be: Over the winter, prune inward-turning branches with a pruning saw or pruning shears.

Size: 2-3 ft

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