Welcome to the Sow Exotic rare fruiting and medicinal plant nursery and biointensive food forest!

At Sow Exotic, we're cultivating hundreds of varieties of rare fruiting plants, tropical fruit trees, medicinal herbs, and culturally important plants from around the world, to bring you the most diverse collection of unique edible plants - all in one place!

Our family-run nursery, biointensive food forest, and certified wildlife habitat in the heart of Florida is an almost entirely edible landscape filled with all of the perennial plants you'll find here and more, as well as a seasonal vegetable garden. We grow all of our plants naturally and organically using sustainable gardening practices.

Thank you for joining us on our mission to transform the world into a thriving, colorful, edible oasis ripe with nutrition, where fresh food can be picked daily and something exciting is always in season.

Together, we're making the world a better, greener place!

Est. earth day 2016

From Passion Project to Exotic Plant Nursery

Why Edible Plants?

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The Beginning

We launched the Sow Exotic plant nursery online in 2016 with just thirty different varieties of plants, all sown and grown in this little glass greenhouse! 

Sow Exotic Today

We quickly outgrew our humble glasshouse.  Sow Exotic now proudly offers over 200 unique varieties (and growing!) of edible and medicinal plants, as well as an expanding collection of gardening supplies and apparel.

Our collection is always growing and we'd love to hear from you about new plants we can offer.

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