Naturally Grown, Sustainably Delivered

Our Plant Materials:

Plant Types & Origin

Our plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the world’s tiniest herbaceous ground covers to tropical fruit trees bearing the world's largest fruit. We grow rare fruiting and medicinal plants of all kinds, from perennial plants, annual plants, fruit trees, herbs, vines, shrubs, fruiting cacti and more in pot sizes from small to x-large. We grow culturally important plants are native to lands around the world, from the tropical mountains of Asia to the southern tip of Africa, and offer a multitude of uses, from medicinal to just plain delicious.

Propagation Techniques

Our plants are grown using a variety of different propagation techniques and materials, including seeds, grafts, air-layers, cuttings, micro-propagation and root division. 

But there’s one thing our uncommon plants all have in common that other nurseries simply don’t offer: they’re all grown and delivered sustainably.  We ship our plants directly from our greenhouses to your garden in plantable pots and 100% plastic-free compostable packaging.

Our All-Natural Organic Soil Blend:

Our soil mix is a special blend of all-natural organic materials made up of only four ingredients.

    • Coconut Coir (ground coconut husk that is the waste product of coconut processing. like for coconut oil or coconut water)
    • Peat Moss (a highly absorbent soil medium sourced from bogs and wetlands)
    • Perlite (heat-expanded volcanic rock or glass - think popcorn, only a thousand times crazier)
    • Mycorrhiza (naturally occurring soil life force that plays a key role in transferring nutrients from the soil to the roots of plants)
    • And zero synthetic pesticides!