Pot Sizes & Materials Guide

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Planter Size Guide

Since our plants vary in type and size from Small to X-Large, so do our planter sizes and their materials! Live plant sizes are approximate and vary based on plant type, age, season, etc.

Medium Planters

Planter Size: 4 in.

Planter Medium: Coconut Coir

Plant Size Range: Plants in Medium range from groundcover-16 in.

Our Medium-sized Plantable Pots are made from coir, or coconut fibre, a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of coconut.  It's the material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.

Most plants in this size range are grown from seed, cutting, tissue culture, or division.

Large Planters

Planter Size: 6 in.

Planter Medium: Coconut Coir or Peat

Plant Size Range: Plant sizes range from 1-3 ft.

Most plants in this pot size are grafted or air-layered and ready to produce fruit within 1-2 years.

X-Large Planters

Planter Size: 8 in.

Planter Medium: Burlap

Plant Size Range: 1-6 ft

Most plants in this pot size are mature grafted, air-layered, and of fruiting age.

Citrus Pots

Planter Size: 4x14 in.

Planter Medium: Recyclable Plastic Citrapot

Plant Size Range: 1-3 ft

All of our Citrus Trees are grafted. Citrus trees are the only plants that ship in recyclable plastic. Plastic Citrapots are aligned with USDA regulations to keep them free of contaminants.