Honeybell Orange (Citrus reticulata x C. paradise)

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Honeybell Oranges, aka Minneola Tangelos, are one of our ultimate favorite citrus fruits to grow. Honeybell is a hybrid of the sweet Darcy Tangerine and tart and juicy Duncan Grapefruit.  They have pretty loose skin and are easy to peel, especially compared to most orange varieties. As gardeners, we know and respect the idea that patience is a virtue. But when the fruits of our Honeybell Orange trees are in season, there’s no holding back. We swear Honeybell Oranges taste better when you rip, cut, or bite a quarter-size slice off the top, and squeeze every last drop of juice right into your mouth. Get straight to the good stuff — Juicers and glassware, be damned — that sweet, perfectly tangy, orange juice can’t be bottled up.

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