Calamondin (Citrus × Citrofortunella microcarpa)

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The Calamondin (Citrus × Citrofortunella microcarpa) inspires hope for resourceful citrus fanatics—This is the most commonly potted citrus variety. While it would be impressive fun to introduce guests to the 20-foot-tall citrus tree as they enter your home, maintaining a Calamondin tree is more easily attainable. These citrus trees are just right for the emboldened apartment dweller. This mandarin-kumquat hybrid plant is a surefire conversation starter, with fragrant leaves and slow-growing fruits that can take up a year to ripen.

Boasting a possible cold hardiness to 20 degrees Farenheit, calamondin orange plants make wonderful patio plants. Calamondin orange trees are at their best in full sun, high humidity, and well-drained soil. Potted plants can be brought indoors for protection from the cold.

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