Cara Cara Red Navel Orange (Citrus sinensis)

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Red navel oranges are the best orange for people who don’t usually enjoy citrus. That’s because of everything that sets the fruit apart as a cultivar: Naturally red flesh that is seedless, with a low acidic sweetness. Plus, of all Citrus varieties, it packs the most Vitamin C. What’s not to love? This novel navel variety has one of the largest statuses as a cult fruit, if there is such a thing, beloved by chefs as the key to flavorful sauces and vinaigrettes. 

The Red Navel tree is more closely related to other navel varieties than the similar-looking blood orange. Call it splitting hairs, but there is one significant difference in the chemical makeup of the fruits. In blood oranges, the red pigment comes from anthocyanin, but red navel oranges get their coloration from carotenoids like lycopene. 

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