XL Mango Tree Bundle: 'Mallika' + 'Nam Doc Mai'

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Mango 'Mallika' (Mangifera indica) — Pot Size
Mango 'Nam Doc Mai' (Mangifera indica) — Pot Size
The Mango Bundle is a meticulously curated selection, ideal for home gardeners, fruit tree enthusiasts, food forest cultivators, and rare fruit collectors. This bundle includes two exceptional mango varieties: 'Mallika' and 'Nam Doc Mai', each offering unique characteristics and flavors.

The 'Mallika' mango is renowned for its exceptional sweetness and complex flavor profile that hints at notes of citrus, melon, and honey. This Indian variety is a dwarf tree, making it an excellent choice for smaller gardens or as a container-grown plant. It's known for its heavy bearing habit and resistance to many common mango diseases, ensuring a bountiful harvest even for less experienced gardeners. The fruits are typically ready for harvest in the late summer to early fall, turning from a green to yellow-orange as they ripen.

The 'Nam Doc Mai' is a Thai variety highly prized for its elongated, slender fruits with a smooth, thin skin. This variety produces sweet, aromatic, and fiberless mangos, ideal for fresh eating, desserts, and in culinary dishes. The tree itself is medium-sized and can be maintained with regular pruning, suitable for various garden sizes. 'Nam Doc Mai' is also a consistent producer, often flowering multiple times a year in optimal climates, providing a steady supply of fruit.

Both trees in the Mango Bundle are grafted, standing at 3-5 feet tall, and are capable of flowering and bearing fruit.

Plant Type: 
Tropical / Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree

Harvest Season: 
Late-Spring to Late-Summer, depending on variety

In the early spring, Mangifera indica blossoms with clusters of flower spikes, and fruits mature over a matter of months, giving way to delicious juicy oblong fruits just in time for summer. 

Mature Size: 
The mature size of a mango tree really depends on the variety of mango. Dwarf Mango varieties (aka condo mangoes like our Pickering Mango) can be dwarfed in planters and max out at around 6-10 feet, whereas some mango varieties reach upwards of 20-40 ft tall. A mango tree's canopy spread will be almost as wide as the height of the tree. 

Soil & Moisture: 
Mango trees prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil that is well-draining, rocky, sandy, high, and dry. It requires moderate moisture throughout the year with more watering throughout flowering and fruiting season and less during the winter. Mango trees will generally grow well in many soil types as long as there is good drainage.

Light Requirements: 
Full Sun


Growth Rate: 

Zone Hardiness: 
Outdoors 9-11 (with frost protection until established); Patio/Greenhouse 4+

There is some slight variation of cold tolerance depending on variety. Dwarf varieties of mango trees are really well-suited for containers and can easily be brought indoors during the winter.

Large Pot Size: Grafted and capable to produce within 1-3 years.
X-Large Pot Size: Grafted and capable to produce within 1 year.

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