XL Avocado Bundle: 'Brogdon' & 'Russell' Avocado Trees

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Avocado 'Brogdon' (Persia americana) — Pot Size
Avocado 'Russel' (Long Neck!) (Persia americana) — Pot Size

Introducing the Avocado Fruit Tree Bundle, a perfect addition for avocado lovers and home gardeners. This bundle features two exceptional grafted avocado varieties, Russell and Brogdon, both 3-5 feet tall and ready to flower and bear fruit.

The Russell Avocado is a mid-season producer known for its large, pear-shaped fruits and smooth, buttery flesh. It has a broad, spreading habit, adding lush greenery to your garden. The Brogdon Avocado, on the other hand, is an early-season variety, valued for its cold hardiness and creamy fruits, extending your avocado harvest season.

Both trees are grafted for higher fruit production success and adaptability to different environments. This bundle is ideal for creating a diverse, productive food forest or for the simple joy of harvesting your own avocados. Enjoy a variety of flavors and textures for your culinary creations with this Avocado Fruit Tree Bundle.

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