Shona Cabbage (Cleome gynandra)

Shona Cabbage (Cleome gynandra)

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Shona Cabbage is a useful annual herb in the family of Capparidaceae, related to Capers. Native to Africa, Shona Cabbage - also called African Cabbage and Spiderwisp - grows wild in India as well and has long been used in Ayurveda for its many health benefits.  Shona Cabbage is fast-growing and loves the heat!  The leaves, rich in protein and vitamins, have a strong bitter, sometimes peppery flavor similar to mustard greens.  Shona Cabbage grows full and bushy (up to 4 ft tall) all summer and can be harvested multiple times within its season, granting you ample opportunities to enjoy it!

Easy to spot, the highly ornamental Shona Cabbage stands erect with simple white flowers and small seed pods atop a sticky, hairy stem with compound leaves. Its pungent, mineral-filled leafy greens and shoots are traditionally boiled and eaten. Seeds carry rubefacient and anthelmintic properties and have been used for gas relief. Root juice is used for stings and earaches, and root decoctions are said to help reduce fever. 

Common Names: 
Shona cabbage, African cabbage, spiderwisp, cat's whiskers,chinsaga, stinkweed. Adikyakharan, African spider-flower, Akeyo, Akiya, Alot dek, Amazonde, Ansarisha, Apoy-apoyan, Arkapushpika, Bagra, Balaya, Bangara, Bastard-mustard, Bhubhuwan, Chamani, Churota, Ejjobyo, Ekaboi, Ekeyo, Ekiau, Enceng-enceng, Eshoje, Eyobyo, Gandhuli, Gasaya, Ghandhatu, Hulul, Isaga, Jirri, Kadughoo, Kanphodi, Karavela, Kathal, Kattkadugu, Ketota, Knasi, Kornia, Langsana, Lerotho, Lubanga, Lude, Luni, Mamang, Manabo, Mangmang trang, Marang charmani, Mgagani, Mgange, Momienh, Motitlavan, Mutaka, Narum byale soppu, Neivaylla, Nsila, Nyevhe, Nyovhi, Pak-sian, Paksienedit, Pandharitilavan, Parhar, Phak sian, Rothwe, Rudhe, Runi, Sada hurhuria, Satitalvani, Seta kata arak, Sienz, Sishungwa, Shungwa, Spiderwisp, Suntha, Surjavarta, Taivela, Taiwela, Tegeri, Thaivalaikeerai, Tim-Légué, Tsuna, Ulube, Ulude, Umzonde, Vainta, Valay keeray, Vaminta, Velai, Velakura

Native to:

Traditional Uses:
Culinary, Ayurvedic Healing

Plant Type:
Tropical to Subtropical Annual Herb

Harvest Season:

Mature Size:
4 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture:
Rich, well-draining soil.

Light Requirements:
Full Sun


Growth Rate: 

Zone Hardiness: 
Outdoors 8-12 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+ 

Our Shona Cabbage plants are grown from seed and are capable of harvest within their growing season.

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