Rose Apple (Syzygium jambos)

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The Rose Apple, part of the Myrtaceae family (without any actual relation to roses or apples),  tastes like a field of wild roses, condensed. Its yellow, mealy flesh can be eaten raw or cooked, and its creamy-white flowers can be candied to eat or cut to decorate.

Native to East Indies and Malaya, the Rose Apple, also known as the plum rose, malabar plum or poma rosa, tastes best when picked crisp and eaten immediately. You can prune the tree into a dense hedgerow or a tasty living fencepost, as the Guatamalans do, or let the Rose Apple stretch its canopy and reach its 40 ft. potential.  You choose how you’d like to see the Rose Apple take shape! It’s easy-on-the-eyes, no matter what shape or size.

Plant Type:
Tropical/Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree

Harvest Season:

Mature Size:
Up to 40-60 ft. 

Soil & Moisture:
Loves moisture and humidity and fertile soil that is well-draining.

Light Requirements:
Full Sun


Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-12 (frost protection until established); Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Cold tolerance varies by type.
Wax Jambu:  10-11 
Rose Apple:    9-12
Malay Apple: 10-11

X-Large Pot Size: Our Wax Jambu trees are air-layered and capable to produce within 1 or 2 years.

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We offer several fruit trees in the Syzygium (Myrtle) family of plants, including JamunPhak MekWax JambuMalay Apple, and Rose Apple.

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