Pomegranate Bundle: Parfianka + Salavatski

Pomegranate Bundle: Parfianka + Salavatski

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Pomegranate 'Parfianka' (Punica granatum) — Pot Size
Pomegranate 'Salavatski' (Punica granatum) — Pot Size

Experience the joy of growing your own pomegranates with the Enchanting Pomegranate Duo, featuring the Parfianka and Salavatski varieties. These two cultivars offer a delightful mix of flavor, beauty, and hardiness, perfect for any home garden.

Parfianka Pomegranate: Celebrated for its super sweet and juicy red seeds, Parfianka is a winner of taste tests and garden performance. This variety produces beautiful, bright red fruit that is both delicious and ornamental. It's also known for its particularly high juice content and vibrant, sweet flavor that makes every bite a luscious treat.

Salavatski Pomegranate: Known for its resilience and cold hardiness, Salavatski thrives in a wider range of climates than most. It produces large, orange-red fruit with a slightly tart flavor, making it ideal for both fresh eating and culinary uses. This robust variety is also highly disease-resistant, ensuring a bountiful harvest even in less-than-ideal conditions.

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