Bergamot 'Lemon' (Monarda citriodora)

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A bee and butterfly favorite, the Lemon Bergamot rocks a regal blossom tower of lemon-scented perfection. Also known Lemon Bee Balm, it is a part of the mint family native to the Appalachian area. Growing in compact clumps, they make for easy, brilliant bouquets. The young leaves are often used for subtle citrus flavoring to desserts, and the whole plant can be used for insect repellent, as Lemon Bergamot produces citronella. It repels fleas and mites and can be used directly on the skin to keep the critters away..

Small: 2" Peat Pots
Medium: 4" Coconut Coir Pot
Large: 6" Peat Pot
X-Large: 8-10" Pot 
Citrus: 4x14" Pot

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