Bergamot Bundle: 'Lemon' & 'Sweet Leaf' Bergamot Plants

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Bundle Includes 2 Plants:

  • (1) Bergamot 'Lemon' (Monarda citriodora)
  • (1) Bergamot, 'Sweet Leaf' (Monarda fistulosa)

Bergamot is a perennial or annual culinary and medicinal herb native to most of southern Canada and the United States east of the Rockies, except Maritime Provinces, and peninsular Florida, south to Veracruz in eastern Mexico. Bergamot grows wild in dry open woods, fields, wet meadows and ditches, and at the edges of woods and marshes in the eastern fourth of Texas

Bergamot is typically grown in a home garden as an ornamental and for brilliant cut flower arrangements, but it is also a powerful medicinal herb! Beautiful Bergamot blossoms make for easy, brilliant bouquets and dry into perfectly perfumed potpourri or herbal tea. Bergamot remains a prominent healing staple in traditional folk medicine. It grows wild throughout its native regions and the tea has long been used for colds, headaches and indigestion.

Bergamot is very fast-growing and grows compact, bright pink to lavender clumps of glossy, sweet aromatic flowers.  Easy-growing Bergamot is right at home on hard to plant sloping areas, cottage gardens, and meadows.  They tolerate almost any soil condition, as long as it's well drained. It thrives in full sun or part shade. 

Lemon Bergamot leaves have a lemony flavor and aroma and pink to purple blooms, where Sweet Leaf Bergamot leaves have a more sweet and minty flavor and aroma and lavender to rose blooms.

Each plant is pre-potted in a biodegradable planter with our natural organic soil blend and sustainably shipped in plastic-free compostable packaging.

Available for a limited time only! Remember, our plants change seasonally, so don't miss your chance to grow these rare plants while you can!

Plant Type:
Perennial Herb

Harvest Season:

Mature Size:
Up to 5'

Soil & Moisture:
Moist, well-draining soil

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 3-9; Patio/Greenhouse 4+Propagation



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