Dragon Fruit, Red 'Tricia' (Hylocereus polyrhizus)

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Red 'Tricia' Dragonfruit is a vining, terrestrial fruiting cactus native to Central America, specifically Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  It also goes by Pitaya Roja or Red-Fleshed Pitahaya.

It has thick fleshy stems reaching from a few inches long to up to 20 feet.  It produces cosmically cool, night-blooming flowers and sweet succulent pitahaya fruit.  The fruit has red skin and sweet, deep red flesh with many soft seeds. 

How to Grow Dragon Fruit

Plant Type: Fruiting Cactus Vine

Harvest Season: Spring - Summer; Fruit forms 30-50 days after flowering.

Mature Size: Up to 20 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Plants thrive in loose, sandy, well-draining soils, humate rich. Water only when soil dries out completely. Keep climbing poles moist. 

Exposure: Full Sun

Zone Hardiness: 9-11