Pepino Dulce (Solanum muricatum)

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Pepino Dulce, aka Sweet-Cucumber, is a delightful exotic fruit native to South America, but cultivated world-wide. It is a member of the potato, eggplant, and nightshade family of plants. The Pepino is a perennial, herbaceous fruiting plant that's grown for it's delicious sweet fruit, which is said to resemble a crossover between the honeydew melon and the cantaloupe. It is a fast growing plant, that will generally bear fruit within it's first season.

It is grown like a Tomato would be, with the support of trellis or frame, although in the wild it commonly develops as a free standing bush or climbs with the support of a neighboring tree.  Solanum muricatum requires moisture rich soil, with a sunny or semi-shaded location for best growth and fruiting. It does not tolerate frost or strong winds. 

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How to Grow Pepino Dulce

Plant Type: Perennial Fruiting Vine

Harvest Season: Summer -Fall

Mature Size: 3 ft. tall by several ft. wide

Soil & Moisture: Well-drained, neutral pH, fertile or nutrient rich soil. Loves moisture!

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun

Zone Hardiness: 9+ with frost protection

Pepino Dulce Health Benefits

Pepinos are low calorie fruits loaded with health benefiting phyto-nutrients, dietary-fiber, minerals and vitamins and make a  delicious, healthy snack for all ages! They contain potent anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting affects.

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