Elderberry, Florida Native (Sambucus canadensis)

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Typically, Elderberries bloom throughout the spring and summer, but here in Florida we can enjoy their huge clusters of delicate white blossoms and bunches of delicious purplish-black berries all year long.  The Elderberry plant is a very attractive, bushy shrub growing from 10-15 feet tall. Elderberry plants respond well to pruning and its size and shape can be easily managed.  Excellent in any wildlife garden. Both Elderberry fruit and elderflowers have purported healing qualities.

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How to Grow Florida Elderberry

Plant Type: Perennial Herb, Shrub

Harvest Season: Spring - Fall

Mature Size: 10 to 12 ft. tall and wide

Soil & Moisture: Elderberry is not picky about soil conditions, loves moisture but is also drought tolerant.

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun, Shade

Zone Hardiness: 4+

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