Baquicha, Coconilla (Solanum stramoniifolium inerme)

Baquicha, Coconilla (Solanum stramoniifolium inerme)

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Solanum stramoniifolium inerme, known as Coconilla or Baquicha, is a rare fruiting plant is native to Central and South America and is primarily cultivated for its rare fruit, although it has a reputation in traditional medicine as well. This unique and spineless nightshade variety is closely related to the Naranjilla but distinct in its lack of spines and method of fruit consumption.

Unlike its relative, which is valued for its juice and pulp, the entire fruit of Baquicha can be eaten! The plant itself bears a strong resemblance to an eggplant, growing as a small, knee-high bush that thrives in pots, making it an excellent choice for container gardening. Small, bright yellow star-shaped flowers bloom profusely, giving way to small, round vibrant red fruit that features a thin skin similar to an eggplant, with the flesh texture of a Litchi tomato, offering a sweet, mild tropical flavor with a hint of cherry tomato, devoid of any acidic or citrus tones.

Bacquicha is also known by other names including Coconilla, Bolo maka, tapirillo, groseillier-diable, and groseille sauvage, reflecting its diverse cultural significance and adaptability.

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