Wampee (Clausena lansium)

Wampee (Clausena lansium)

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The Southeast Asian Wampee, or Wampi, is a refreshing gelatinous fruit with a texture similar to citrus in the skin, and grape in the flesh. The Wampee’s sticky, juicy fruit grows in aromatic clusters and changes in flavor depending on ripeness, starting sour and growing sweeter as it ripens. It can be eaten out-of-hand or made into deserts or jellies. Part of the Rutaceae family, Wampee share a similar tangy, acidic skin to their kumquat relative and are often eaten with the skin. The trees themselves bear lovely greenish-white blossoms and maintain a dense canopy for any food forest.

Plant Type
Tropical/Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree

Harvest Season
Summer, Fall

The fruits ripen in July and August. Mature trees may yield 100 lbs (45 kg) of fruits in a season.

Mature Size
Up to 25 ft.

Soil & Moisture
Pink Wampee is not picky about soil! It's quite tolerant of a range of soils, including the deep sand and limestone of southern Florida but thrives best in rich loam. Likes moisture but is also drought tolerant. It requires watering in dry periods though good drainage is essential.  

Light Requirements
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection until mature; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Pink Wamppe is subtropical to tropical, and young and mature trees have been scarcely hurt by brief exposure to 28º to 30º F in Florida, but they have been killed at temperatures of 20º F and lower.

Grown from seed.  Seedlings bear fruit in 3 years.

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