Bawang Dayak (Eleutherine bulbosa)

Bawang Dayak (Eleutherine bulbosa)

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Bawang Dayak, also known as Dyak or Dayak Onion, is a tropical herbaceous plant grown for its useful bulbs. Native to the tropics of America, the Bawang Dayak can be easily grown in a container. Their small bulbs look similar to shallots, growing deep red in color with paper-thin outer layers, but they belong to an entirely different family- the Iridaceae family- along with Saffron and Iris.

Bawang Dayak grows lance shaped, radial leaves paired with erect stems of white flowers. Their bulbs can be harvested year round and have long been used in folk medicine. The earthy flavored, crisp, astringent bulbs carry antibacterial, haemostatic and demulcent properties due to their ​​anthraquinones and chrysophanol naphthoquinones. Internally, the bulbs have been prepared to help anything for sore throats and headaches to impetigo, jaundice and hemorrhaging. When used externally, the bulb is said to help treat sprains and other ailments. Sap with salt supposedly remedies epileptic fits. If nothing else, you can prepare the bulbs as a healthy substitute in a salsa or sautee!

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