Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria odorata)

Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria odorata)

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Vietnamese Coriander, also known as Vietnamese mint or Rau Răm, is a subtropical perennial herb native to Vietnam which grows quickly in full sun and can tolerate part shade. A member of the Polygonaceae or “Buckwheat” family, related to Rhubarb and Sea Grape

The herb is often used as a replacement for cilantro, Bearing all the familiar earthy flavors of cilantro without the “soapy” tasting potential.  Thin, pointed green leaves bear a streak of purple which are most flavorful when harvested as new, tender leaves. 

The fast-growing, container-friendly herb is easy to grow and merely asks to stay moist but not over-watered in a fairly sunny corner. If you prefer to grow it as a perennial, be sure to keep it protected from frost or just bring it indoors, closer to the kitchen! 

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