Moujean Tea, Bahama Berry (Nashia inaguensis)

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NEW & LIMITED: Moujean Tea in X-Large are mature shrubs, 3-5 ft tall , full of beautiful blooms, foliage and branches ready to harvest and enjoy!

Bahama Berry, also known as Pineapple Verbana or Moujean Tea is a rare evergreen shrub native to the Caribbean. Crushed leaves emit the aroma of sweet honey, vanilla, and citrus. Flowers have a Jasmine-like fragrance and bloom in the late summer through fall and produce tiny orange berries.  Pollinators, especially butterflies, love the flowers and sweat aroma of Bahama Berry blooms!

This tropical perennial shrub is sometimes used for Bonsai.

Plant Type:
Tropical Perennial Evergreen Shrub 

Harvest Season:

Mature Size:
4 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture:
Moist, well-draining soil

Be careful to prevent the roots from drying out

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Grown from cutting and capable of harvesting now and within growing season. 

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