Wax Jambu (Syzygium samarangense)

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The Wax Jambu, also known as Java Plum, is a really awesome fruit tree native to tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. The unique Wax Jambu fruit is a beautiful bright red color and is shaped like a little bell. The fruit's snowy white flesh is crisp and refreshing like an apple and has a light, mildly sweet and flowery rose flavor.

Growing the exotic Wax Jambu fruit tree is really quite easy. They like humidity and moisture but not standing water. Wax Jambu can grow in a variety of soil conditions, as long as the soil is fertile and well-draining.  Wax Jambu trees may grow up to 40 feet in their native tropics, but can be maintained at a smaller height or even grown in containers here in the states.

How to Grow Wax Jambu

Plant Type: Tropical/Sub-Tropical Fruit Tree

Harvest Season: Summer

Mature Size: 40 ft

Soil & Moisture: Loves moisture and humidity and soil that is fertile and well-draining. Don't overwater.

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Self-Fertile: Yes

Zone Hardiness: Outdoors 9+ with protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

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