Vicks Plant (Plectranthus tomentosa)

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The Vicks plant, is a rare succulent perennial herb cascading herb, perfect for hanging baskets!  It is named for it's relaxing methanol fragrance synonymous with the vapor rub. Vicks' bright green velvety foliage has a minty, menthol aroma, and when when crushed can be inhaled (or steamed) to clear congestion.

Purple blooms are loved by butterflies and bees, but does a great job of warding of mosquitoes. Vicks plant grows as wide as it does tall and makes an excellent most interesting shrub.  It's an amazing addition to your medicinal garden. 

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How to Grow Vicks

Plant Type: Perennial Herb, Succulent

Harvest Season: Blooms in the Summer, harvest year-round

Mature Size: 1 to 4 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Light, well-draining soil is crucial. Water thoroughly until moisture comes out the bottom of the pot. Do not water again until the soil has a chance to dry out in between watering. 

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun 

Zone Hardiness: 9-11 can be grown as an Annual.

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