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Blackberry 'Snowbank White' (Rubus)

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Snowbank White Blackberry is a vigorous disease-resistant trailing plant that produces large, creamy snowy white blackberries, with the same juicy, sweet and vibrant flavor of a normal blackberry. White Blackberries are truly one of a kind!  The were developed by legendary plant breeder Luther Burbank and are somewhat translucent and white in color.

How to Grow Snowbank White Blackberry

Plant Type: Perennial Fruiting Shrub. The roots of the plant are Perennial, but the top is Biennial; meaning, a branch that comes up this Spring will not fruit until next year, and after fruiting it will die back. To maximize your berry harvest, learn the simple and exciting art of pruning!

Harvest Season: Summer - Fall

Mature Size: 4-6 ft. tall and wide.

Soil & Moisture: Rich, well-draining soil

Exposure: Full Sun

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