Ross Sapote (Pouteria)

Ross Sapote (Pouteria)

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VERY RARE! Ross Sapote is large tropical fruit tree that's very similar to Sow Exotic favorite, the heart-shaped Canistel (aka Eggfruit or Yellow Sapote).  But for those of are on the fence about the flavor of Canistel, you are going to be in love with Ross Sapote. (That's not an easy claim for me to make because I love Canistel!)  

Ross Sapote is large and round.  It has a soft, smooth, creamy pumpkin pudding like texture and a sweet, delicious caramel aroma and flavor. Unlike Canistel, the texture is consistent throughout and it's not dry or chalky at all.

Ross Sapote is a gorgeous, fast growing fruit tree that prefers well drained soil and good amounts of sunlight. In the wild it can generally be found in wetland forests in areas of low elevation. 

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