Persimmon Seedling 'Florida Native' (Diospyros virginiana)

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The Florida Native Persimmon is a long-living perennial fruit tree in the Ebenacea family alongside the Black Sapote and Lotus Plum. Native to, you guessed it, Florida, this wind resistant, frost tolerant treasure is a prized tree among food forest growers!

With sticky, sweet, sunset-orange colored fruits and attractive dark gray bark which ages into chunky blocks resembling checkerboards, the Florida Native Persimmon is a handsome specimen with ever-changing aesthetics. In summer, the deep green leaves bear enormous canopies, sometimes up to 80 ft. tall, that stretch into perfect shade.

In fall, the leaves transform into shades of deep burgundy and burnt orange before catching the wind and exposing their ripening fruits.  The Florida Native Persimmon sports gorgeous foliage that can be dried and made into a vitamin-C tea, just in time for cold season! Wait for the showy fruit to soften on the tree to eat, or use the immature fruits to boil into a black, tannin-rich dye. The seeds can be dried and used as a coffee substitute, so long as tannins don’t bother your belly. There are so many creative uses for this tree! We can’t wait until you find your favorite use for it!

These scrumptious persimmons boast an orange-pumpkin color on both its skin and flesh. When ripe, Florida Native Persimmons possess layers of flavor, reminiscent of pear, dates and brown sugar with nuances of cinnamon. Their texture varies from crisp and succulent when young, to a tender and gelatinous texture as they mature. Fruits are ready for harvest when skins are deep orange.

Seedlings take about 3-5 years to fruit. We can't wait for you to grow this amazing, delicious, Florida Native Persimmon. 

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