Persimmon 'Fuyu' (Diospyros kaki)

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A limited amount of BARE ROOT Fuyu Persimmon trees are available for sale this week only while supplies last!

These trees were too big to fit into our XL Pot Size (coming this summer), so we're selling them bare root.  They're grafted, 2-3 feet tall, 2 years old, currently dormant and will need need to be planted immediately upon arrival. Bare Root Sale Ends 1/16!

Our favorite Persimmon variety is BACK! We can't wait for you to grow this amazing, delicious, low-chill Fuyu Persimmon. 

The Fuyu persimmon is a non-astringent variety that benefits from a trifecta of qualities; it lacks a core, seeds, and tannins. Fuyu persimmons have a squat and rounded shape and are capped with an indented leaf. Fuyu persimmons boast an orange pumpkin color on both its skin and flesh. When ripe, Fuyu persimmons possess layers of flavor, reminiscent of pear, dates and brown sugar with nuances of cinnamon. Their texture varies from crisp and succulent when young, to a tender and gelatinous texture as they mature. Fruits are ready for harvest when skins are deep orange, and unlike most other persimmon types, have no astringency and are ready to eat when still firm.

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