Pandan Leaf (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

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The Pandan plant, scientifically known as Pandanus amaryllifolius, is a tropical delight that embodies both practicality and cultural significance. Originating from the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia, this plant features long, vibrant green leaves and a captivating aroma that has made it an integral part of culinary and traditional practices.

Appearance: Pandan plants are characterized by their long, blade-like leaves that grow in clusters resembling graceful fans. These leaves can reach lengths of 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 cm) and are arranged in an elegant spiral pattern at the end of sturdy stems. The leaves exhibit prominent midribs and linear veins, contributing to their distinctive visual appeal. Mature plants might develop aerial prop roots that enhance their stability and growth pattern.

Aroma and Flavor: One of the most remarkable features of the Pandan plant is its enchanting aroma. The leaves emit a fragrance that combines sweet, floral, and nutty notes, reminiscent of a tropical paradise. These aromatic leaves have earned a special place in culinary endeavors, where they are used to infuse dishes with a tantalizing scent.

Culinary Uses: Pandan leaves are a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine, adorning an array of dishes with their unique flavor and fragrance. The leaves can be tied in knots or folded before being added to cooking preparations. Pandan-infused rice is a well-loved delicacy, while Pandan essence and extracts are essential ingredients in various desserts, cakes, and beverages. From traditional kueh to contemporary cocktails, the Pandan plant's aromatic contribution is truly unparalleled.

Cultural Significance and Uses: Beyond its culinary role, the Pandan plant holds cultural significance in the heart of Southeast Asian communities. It is often used to craft intricate mats, baskets, and other decorative items due to the strength and flexibility of its leaves. The Pandan aroma is associated with a sense of comfort, homecoming, and familiarity, making it a symbol of cherished traditions.

Plant Type:
Evergreen Shrub or Small Tree, depending on how it is cultured.

Harvest Season:
4-6 months after planting.

Harvest leaves early on to prevent it from developing into the tree form.

Mature Size:
Up to 8 ft.

Soil & Moisture:
Rich, well-drained soil that hold moisture/nutrients. When the weather is cooler, water it less. It prefers a humid environment. 

Light Requirements:
Part Sun, Part Shade

No, Requires 2+ plants

Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Our Pandan Leaf is grown from tissue culture and is capable of harvest within growing season. 

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