Siam Ruby Banan plant - slightly bushier version of banana plant with ruby red and green  leaves growing from low on the trunk

Banana 'Siam Ruby' (Musa acuminata)

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Meet the captivating Siam Ruby Banana Plant (Musa sumatrana 'Siam Ruby'), a botanical gem that combines beauty, grace, and tropical allure. This stunning ornamental banana cultivar originates from Southeast Asia, where it has enchanted gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike with its striking features and mesmerizing appeal.

With its vibrant hues, the Siam Ruby Banana Plant stands out in any landscape. Its broad, elongated leaves showcase an enchanting blend of deep burgundy and emerald green, creating a vivid contrast that commands attention. This delightful color palette intensifies as the plant matures, making it a captivating centerpiece for gardens, patios, or indoor spaces.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the Siam Ruby Banana Plant surprises with its impressive resilience and adaptability. Thriving in tropical and subtropical climates, it adds an exotic touch to any setting. In warmer regions, this banana cultivar may even produce small, non-edible fruit, adding an element of curiosity to its allure.

Caring for the Siam Ruby Banana Plant is a rewarding experience. Providing it with well-draining soil, regular watering, and ample sunlight enables this botanical gem to flourish and showcase its radiant colors to their fullest potential.

Whether gracing a lush tropical landscape or brightening up a container garden, the Siam Ruby Banana Plant stands as a living testament to nature's artistry and its ability to captivate the human spirit. Embrace the allure of this tropical jewel and let the Siam Ruby Banana Plant weave its magic, transforming your surroundings into an enchanting paradise

Plant Type: 
Fruit Tree / Evergreen Perennial Herb

Did you know? The banana plant is actually an evergreen perennial fruiting herb, not a tree! The large ‘trunk’ is actually a pseudostem, which is made of bulky, leafy layers that emerge and wither over time. Banana plants are fast-growing, and prone to reproducing new plants through mini clones known as suckers.

Harvest Season: 
Year-round, but most predominantly in the warm summer months. With good care, bananas are capable of producing fruit within the first 15-18 months of planting. It will take 9-15 months before the tree starts flowering and an additional 2-6 months before the bananas are ready to be picked. 

(Expect approximately 3-6 months less time from planting to fruit for Banana plants in our XL Pot Size)

Mature Size: 
Really varies depending on variety. Some dwarf banana varieties grow only to 2-3 ft where other banana types reach up to 40 ft tall. Most banana plants can be grown easily in containers and overwintered indoors if needed. We recommend a minimum 7 gal. planter size.

Banana plants are fast-growing, and prone to reproducing new plants through mini clones known as suckers.

Soil & Moisture: 
Thrives in ample humidity!  Bananas like to be planted high on a mound in rich, moist well-drained soil, nitrogen-rich soil, and humid conditions similar to their native areas tropical and subtropical regions. In well-drained soil, bananas can almost never get too much water, sunlight, and nutrients. Water regularly to maintain leaves and promote fruit production. 

Light Requirements: 
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate: 
Fast, Very Fast

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Our bananas are grown from tissue cultures and are capable of fruiting within 1 year. 

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