Mexican Ghost Pipe Cactus (Stenocereus thurberi)

Mexican Ghost Pipe Cactus (Stenocereus thurberi)

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The Mexican Ghost Pipe Cactus, also known as Organ Pipe, is a fruit-bearing cactus that produces sweet deep pinkish-purple fruit known as Pitahaya Dulce.

Large, gorgeous flower buds in lavender, pale white, and pink will open for weeks at a time. Flowers usually open and are pollinated at night. Long greenish gray slender curving stems grow from the base of the cactus.  It will usually grow to 15-20 feet but can reach lengths up to 30 feet. 
The prized red fruits are large and spiny, and ripen in late summer. When they mature, they lose their spines and open to show an edible, red pulp.  Can be eaten fresh, dried, turned into jelly, make into syrup or fermented into a wine-like drink.

Plant Type
Fruiting Cactus

Harvest Season

Mature Size
4-30 ft. tall, spreading 2-10 ft.

Soil & Moisture
Dry, well-draining, cactus soil, little moisture is needed, drought tolerant

Light Requirements
Full Sun


Growth Rate
Slow, grows about 2.5 inches a year

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+


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How to Grow Mexican Ghost Pipe Cactus

Plant Type: Fruiting Cactus 

Harvest Season: Summer - Fall

Mature Size: 4-30 ft. tall, spreading 2-10 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Dry, well-draining, cactus soil, little moisture is needed, drought tolerant

Exposure: Full Sun

Zone Hardiness: 9-11