Longan, 'Biew Kiew' (Dimocarpus longan)

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Supreme quality Longan with a smaller seed and more tastey caramel pulp AND higher cold tolerance than most other Longan varieties! 

Our Longan Trees are Mature and Air-layered 

How to Grow Longan

Plant Type: Tropical Fruit Tree

Harvest Season: Summer

Mature Size: Can reach up to 40 ft. in home landscape.

Soil & Moisture: Very well-draining soil. Lightly soak when dry and water again when top 2 in. of soil are dry. 

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Light Shade

Zone Hardiness: Outdoors 9-11; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

All Eyes On Longans

Longan is Mandarin for “dragon's eye,” and is commonly known as dragon eye fruit. When freshly peeled, the fruits look like fleshy, translucent eyeballs!