Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tubersosus)

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Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tubersosus) is a plant with keen survival instincts. These towering, classic sunflower look-alikes have been harvested for years. But it’s the hearty underground tubers of Helianthus tuberosus that have intrigued naturalist chefs, who say the taste is similar to artichokes. Nowadays, Jerusalem artichoke plants can be found primarily in the Eastern United States where they were once grown as vegetable crops, but are now more commonly found thriving in old fields, steambanks, railroads, and more.

Growing Jerusalem artichoke is best done without a lot of coddling. As a plant that naturally has the tendency to spread colonies of rhizomes where they aren’t intentionally planted, you might consider keeping it in a container, where it will thrive and regenerate itself for bounties of old-time veggies.

How to Grow Jerusalem Artichoke

Plant Type: Herbaceous Perennial

Harvest Season: Late Summer - Fall

Mature Size: Up to 6 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Adaptable; likes a wide range of soils from sandy to clay. Somewhat drought tolerant.

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade

Zone Hardiness: 4-8

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