Java Ginseng (Talinum paniculatum)

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Java Ginseng is a perennial herb/succulent sub-shrub in the Talinaceae family that is native to much of the western hemisphere. It is commonly known as Fameflower, Jewels-of-Opar, or Pink Baby's-breath and can be grown as an ornamental plant or for it's medicinal uses. The root can be harvested for it's medicinal uses . It has succulent leaves that are glossy and bright green with wispy sprays of pink flowers. Java Ginseng is a very easy plant to grow with little care. It propagates by self-seeding. As it becomes more mature, the plant begins to clump, and become semi-creeping. We plant Java Ginseng under fruit trees in our food forest, mixed in with herb beds, or as a focal point along pathways. 

The younger, tender leaves and shoots can be harvested as vegetables and used in salads. But don't let it's rather delicate and light appearance fool you; Java Ginseng can grow quite large and, although somewhat short-lived, it is a very hardy herb!

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How to Grow Java Ginseng

Plant Type: Perennial Herb

Harvest Season: Spring - Summer

Mature Size: 1-2 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Does well in poor soils. Likes sandy, well-draining soil. Excellent for rock gardens and hot areas, as well as rich moist dense areas.

Exposure: Part Shade, Full Sun, Light Shade

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