Jamaican Dandelion (Senna occidentalis)

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The Jamaican Dandelion, also known as the Piss-a-Bed Plant or Coffee Senna, is a tropical to subtropical short-lived biennial native to the tropical Americas. A part of the Fabaceae family, it is related to Carob and the Lablab Bean. Hefty compound leaves house dainty, yellow flower clusters and seed pods. 

Each part of the fast growing plant is used. Traditionally used in Jamaica as a cold helper and diuretic, the bitter tasting Jamaican Dandelion is used for liver cleansing and shortness of breath. Applied externally, the leaves are used on ringworm and eczema. Seeds, once parched and ground, make for a helpful coffee-like drink which is said to help the bladder and kidneys.

Jamaican Dandelion has long been used for its beneficial properties. Bearing confirmed antibacterial, anticancerous, antidiabetic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimutagenic properties, it’s quite a useful tool to have around.

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