Grafting Wax Tin

Grafting Wax Tin

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Use Trowbridge’s Grafting Wax to seal grafting jobs to prevent stem tissue from drying out and drastically reduce the possibility of disease organisms entering interior of stem. Grafting Wax can also be used as a cure-all for different types of plant wounds, bare spots, insect invasions, moisture regulation problems, and more. This grafting wax is soft and pliable: The 4 oz. mixture of gum rosin, tallow, and bees wax can be heated with warm water for easy malleability. To remedy a handful of common plant issues, you can use a brush or greased hands to apply a small amount of grafting wax onto affected areas. Cultivating a healthy food forest comes with some growing pains. Wax poetic about the bountiful orchards you’ll grow with the help of this handy grafting wax.

  • Made in Hamburg, NY
  • Plant-safe wax in 4 oz. tin can
  • Ingredients: Gum rosin, tallow, and bees wax

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