Finger Root ‘Chinese Keys’ (Boesenbergia Rotunda)

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Finger Root, also known as Chinese Keys and Chinese Ginger, is a herbaceous perennial plant native anywhere from South China to west Malesia. A member of the Zingiberaceae family along with its other Ginger relatives, the plant gets its name from its “fingerlike” rhizomes which grow from a central core.

Tubular white and pink summer flowers exude deep fragrance and take on a lovely ornamental quality. This rare culinary spice comes with a crunch. Its root is often cut into thin slices for garnish or a salad sprucer.  Finger Root is used in curries, pickles and other dishes for its spicy flavor that grans a slightly sweeter flavor than typical Ginger. In folk medicine, the roots are used for digestion and cough remedies. Leaves are also perfectly edible and make for a great spring addition to a saute or stir-fry!

Common Names: 

Krachai, Chinese Ginger, Finger Root, Sweet Thai ginger

Native to:

South China to west Malesia

Traditional Uses:
Culinary, Herbal Medicine

Plant Type:


Harvest Season:

Summer Blossoms 

Fall for Roots

Mature Size:

1-2 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture:

Rich, damp, well-draining soil. Grows best in high humidity areas.

Light Requirements: 

Part Shade, Full Shade



Growth Rate: 


Zone Hardiness: 

Outdoors 5-10 as an annual
10b-12 as a perennial; Patio/Greenhouse 4+ 


Our Finger Root is grown by root division and is capable of harvest within a year.

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