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Fig 'Olympian' (Ficus carica)

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'Olympian' is a ultra cold hardy fig & absolutely delicious. This fig produces very sweet fruits with thin purple skin and a red to violet flesh. Olympia is hardy to zone 6 and the Pacific Northwest. Olympian Fig is self-fertile, low maintenance, fast-growing, can be grown in a container and is easy to grow!

Ficus carica ‘Olympian’ is a Washington state native, an original heirloom to now-protected land. Ficus carica will flourish in a number of environments, but is partial to a sunny, Mediterranean-like growing season, and dry, cool winters. Nourish this easy-to-grow fig tree variety for an abundance of round, subtle sweet fruits about the size of a tangerine. Pick and eat fresh, or harvest an entire crop to bring into your kitchen. The Olympian Fig will inspire new recipes both sweet and savory, providing you with a sanguine, reliably juicy fruit for every harvest.

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How to Grow Olympian Figs

Plant Type: Deciduous Fruiting Tree

Harvest Season: Summer, Fall, Spring

Mature Size: 10’ to 30’; Typically smaller in cultivation

Soil & Moisture: Adaptable, but prefers good nutrition and drainage. 

Exposure: Light Shade in tropical zones, Full Sun, Part Shade in more northern areas

Zone Hardiness: 6-10

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