Cooked Bone Meal, Porcine Derived 3-15-0

Cooked Bone Meal, Porcine Derived 3-15-0

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Porcine bone meal is one of the best organic sources of Phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals for plants. We recommend it for use with plants grown from bulbs, and plants that benefit from a strong root system. This bone meal is derived from cooked pork material. It's best used for easing the shock of transplanting, encouraging blooms and fruit, and strengthening roots.

  • Analysis: (3-15-0)
  • 5 lb bag
  • Great source of phosphorous
  • Contains calcium and some trace minerals
  • Promotes healthy root systems

How to Use Bone Meal:

  • One application per growing season is generally recommended
  • Gentle fertilizing: 5lb per 100 sq ft.
  • Moderate fertilizing: 10 lb per 100 sq ft.

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