Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)

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Vancouver streets, here these Windmill Palms go! 

Prized as one of the most cold-hardy palms, you can find these fan-leaved glories growing anywhere from South America to Canada.  Unlike other palms, Windmill palms , there’s no lack of uses for the Chinese Windmill Palm. Their leaves are used for thatched roofs, and leaf shaft fibers can be made into hats, brooms, mats and rope. 

Native to the highlands of Asia, these Chinese Windmill Palms will withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (just keep them out of the wind). They’re characterized by their multi-directional fanned leaves which resemble a windmill and their solitary trunk, covered in fine fibers of old leaf sheaths and have lovely yellow blossoms in summer.

Plant Type:
Evergreen Palm Tree

Harvest Season:
Blooms in Summer
Fruits in Fall (Note: These Fruits are Not Edible)
Leaves can be harvested Year-Round 

Mature Size:
Up to 20’ tall and 10’ wide

Soil & Moisture:
Moist, well-draining soil. Drought tolerant, but grows best if consistently watered. 

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade

No. Windmill Palm trees are Dioecious, male and female flowers are born on separate plants.

Growth Rate: 

Zone Hardiness: 
Outdoors 7-11; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

They can survive down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit

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