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Breadnut (Brosimum alicastrum)

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If the universal benchmark of greatness is sliced bread, the next best thing may be Breadnut (also known as: Brosimum alicastrum, Ramón tree, katahar, chataigne, capomo, Masica, katahar and chataigne).

Breadnut is a close relative of the Breadfruit tree, with the important distinction of carrying edible seeds, as opposed to edible flesh within its spiky green shell. Breadnut is celebrated for its place in food security, where its high nutrition content, fast growth and tolerant nature are forcasted to sustain humanity and plenty of other life on earth. Breadnut is useful, sustainable, fast-growing and overall easygoing. Breadnut is considered native to New Guinea and the Philippines, where it grows natively in dense humid lowland tropical forests. It’s also cultivated in parts of West Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean as a source of sustainable food. 

Although this tree prefers warm, wet climates, Breadnut will grow just as well in deserted soils. That’s just part of what makes it a top contender for sustainable food in the future. Breadnut seeds are healthy sources of protein, carbs, and low fat to naturally fuel a day’s work. In fact, with rising health issues of Chestnut tree populations, agriculturalists are turning to Breadnut with hope for it as a substitute food staple. 

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