Fig Tree Bundle: Brown Turkey + Violette de Bordeaux + Olympian

Fig Tree Bundle: Brown Turkey + Violette de Bordeaux + Olympian

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Fig 'Brown Turkey' (Ficus carica) — Pot Size
Fig 'Olympian' (Ficus carica) — Pot Size
Fig 'Violete de Bordeaux' (Ficus carica) — Pot Size

Introducing our Premier Fig Tree Bundle, featuring a select trio of exceptional fig varieties: Brown Turkey Fig, Violette de Bordeaux, and Olympian Fig. Each variety has been chosen for its distinctive flavor profile and superior growth traits, making this bundle a must-have for fig enthusiasts and fruit gardeners alike.

Brown Turkey Fig is renowned for its versatility and adaptability, offering a delightful sweet flavor that balances nicely with a subtle hint of acidity. Its large fruits have a rich, purple skin and a succulent, red flesh that is perfect for both fresh consumption and preserves.

Violette de Bordeaux, known for its compact growth, makes an ideal choice for small space gardening or container cultivation. This dwarf variety produces small, dark fruits with a deep red interior. Its flavor is intensely sweet, resembling that of berries, making it a favorite for gourmet dishes and direct snacking.

Olympian Fig is celebrated for its extraordinary cold hardiness and robustness, producing very sweet, large purple fruits even in cooler climates. The fruits boast a striking violet skin with a vibrant red flesh, offering a juicy and luxurious eating experience that is excellent for fresh eating.

This bundle provides an opportunity for gardeners to experience the diverse flavors and textures offered by these outstanding fig varieties, enhancing any garden with both beauty and bounty.

Plant Type:
Deciduous Fruit Tree

Harvest Season:
Spring, Summer, Fall

The first crop (breba) of fig fruit will ripen in late May through June, followed by the main crop will come in September through November.  

Mature Size:
Fig trees grow up to 6-20 ft tall and wide, depending on variety. Growing fig trees in containers is quite easy, provided the roots have enough room to expand, and can also be pruned for bonsai or espalier. Fig trees go dormant and shed their leaves in the winter. This is an ideal time to prune. 

Soil & Moisture:
Rich, moist, well-draining soil. 

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade

Fig trees also make really great houseplants indoors as long as they can get enough bright light.


Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 6-11; Patio/Greenhouse 4+.
Cold hardiness depends on variety.

Our Fig trees are grown from cutting or micro-propagation and are capable of fruiting within 1 or 2 years.

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