Green Sugar Apple Seedling in green house

Sugar Apple Seedling ‘Green’ (Annona Squamosa)

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The Green Sugar Apple, also known as a sweetsop, is a Tropical/Subtropical Semi-Deciduous Fruit Tree/Shrub of the Annona family alongside the Cherimoya and Soursop. Native to Central America, the fruit tree is a common favorite in tropical climates where it is used for eating out of hand and juicing.  The medium growth rate tree grows a pale green canopy around 20 ft. tall and flowers in spring with green, fleshy blossoms. 

Similar to the Red Sugar Apple but green in exterior color, the heart-shaped Green Sugar Apple is the more common variety. It bears a fragrant, sweet and tropical flavor with soft, cream-colored flesh. The texture is creamy like custardy, with sugar-crystalized texture.The fruits grow large, glossy black inedible seeds. High in vitamin B6 and C, the Green Sugar Apple carries ample amounts of fiber and makes for a nutritious addition to a food forest.

Plant Type:
Tropical/Subtropical Evergreen or Semi-Deciduous Fruit Tree/Shrub

Harvest Season:
Late-Summer, Fall

Mature Size:
Up to 35 feet

Soil & Moisture:
Rich, well-drained soil with light acidity suit these warm-weather plants best.  Provide regular moisture and humidity, but be careful not to over water. Annona's are intolerable to water-logging. Requires deep watering during growing/fruiting seasons and less during winter dormancy.

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade

Overall, expect best fruit production with more sun


Growth Rate:
Fast, Medium

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 (frost protection until established); Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Annona's (especially Soursop) may defoliate during the winter in subtropical regions (40 degrees or lower), but remain evergreen in their native deep tropical habitats. Sugar Apples are generally tolerant to 28 degrees, whereas some Annona's like Soursop will need more cold protection if growing outdoors in Zone 9.

Our Annonas are grown from seed and air-layering and are capable of fruiting within 2-5 years.

See More:
Annona (from Taíno annon) is a genus of flowering plants in the pawpaw/sugar apple family, Annonaceae. The generic name derives from anón, a Hispaniolan Taíno word for the fruit.

Our Annona varieties include Sugar Apples, Red Custard Apple, Soursop, Pond Apple, and Cherimoya fruit trees. 

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