Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria odorata)

Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria odorata)

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Vietnamese Coriander, also known as Vietnamese mint or Rau Răm, is a subtropical perennial or annual herb native to Vietnam which grows quickly in full sun or part shade. A member of the Polygonaceae or “Buckwheat” family, related to Rhubarb and Sea Grape

The herb is often used as a replacement for cilantro, Bearing all the familiar earthy flavors of cilantro without the “soapy” tasting potential. It grows better in the heat and humidity of the summer than cilantro without bolting and is an excellent flavoring alternative to both cilantro and mint. Thin, pointed green leaves bear a streak of purple which are most flavorful when harvested as new, tender leaves. 

Vietnamese Coriander grows up to 36" high and 15" wide with fragrant, narrow, pointed green leaves and red stems. It is a member of the Knotweed family and, like its cousins, is fast-growing with a spreading habit. The fresh, young leaves have the best flavor and are used in salads, soup, stews, noodle dishes, potato salads, omelets, and curries. It is a good source of flavonoids that help strengthen the immune system, and it is used as a tonic for digestive issues, bloating, and bacterial infections.

The fast-growing, container-friendly herb is easy to grow and merely asks to stay moist but not over-watered in a fairly sunny corner. If you prefer to grow it as a perennial, be sure to keep it protected from frost or just bring it indoors, closer to the kitchen! 

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