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Blackberry Bundle: 'Apache' + 'Natchez' + 'Snowbank White'

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Blackberry 'Apache' (Rubus canadensis) — Pot Size
Blackberry 'Snowbank White' (Rubus) — Pot Size
Blackberry, Thornless 'Natchez' (Rubus) — Pot Size
Introducing the New Blackberry Bundle, a specially curated collection that includes three exceptional blackberry varieties: 'Apache', 'Natchez', and the unique 'Snowbank White'. This bundle is designed with the discerning gardener and fruit enthusiast in mind, offering a diverse range of flavors and berry characteristics. Each plant in this bundle comes in our eco-friendly medium-sized plantable coconut coir pots, promoting sustainability and ease of planting.

The 'Apache' variety is a standout with its large, juicy berries that boast a deep, dark color and an intensely sweet flavor. Known for its thornless canes, the 'Apache' is a gardener's favorite, offering ease of maintenance and harvest. This variety is also celebrated for its high yield and long harvest season, ensuring a steady supply of delicious berries throughout the growing period.

Next in the bundle is the 'Natchez' blackberry, another thornless variety that is prized for its exceptionally large, elongated berries. These berries are known for their glossy, jet-black appearance and have a classic, sweet blackberry taste with a hint of tartness, making them perfect for fresh eating, jams, and desserts. The 'Natchez' is also an early producer, often bearing fruit earlier in the season compared to other varieties.

Rounding out the collection is the 'Snowbank White' blackberry, a rare and unique variety that offers a delightful twist to the traditional blackberry. These berries are creamy white to pale yellow in color, with a sweet, mild flavor that is less tart than their darker counterparts. The 'Snowbank White' is a conversation starter and a must-have for any rare fruit collector or gardener looking to add a unique variety to their berry patch.

All three plants in the Blackberry Bundle are provided in our medium-sized plantable coconut coir pots. These pots are not only environmentally friendly but also enhance the plant's growth by providing excellent aeration and drainage. They can be planted directly into the ground or into larger containers, making the transplant process stress-free for both the plant and the gardener.

This Blackberry Bundle is perfect for home gardens, orchards, or as an addition to a food forest. It offers a range of flavors and experiences, from the classic richness of 'Apache' and 'Natchez' to the exotic allure of the 'Snowbank White'. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this bundle provides an exciting opportunity to grow and enjoy your own delicious, home-grown blackberries.

Common Names: 
Apache Blackberry

Native to:

Traditional Uses:

Plant Type:
Deciduous Perennial Fruiting Shrub

Harvest Season:

Mature Size:
5 ft. tall 

Soil & Moisture:
Rich, Well-Draining Soil

Light Requirements:
Full Sun


Growth Rate: 

Zone Hardiness: 
Outdoors 3-8; Patio/Greenhouse 4+ 

Our Apache Blackberry plants are grown from tissue culture and are capable of producing within 1-2 years.

Plants Shipped
in Plantable Pots

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